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Touch Atlantic Properties

This company focuses on the provision of dedicated and excellent services to properties management in Europe, the USA, and Africa.

There are 2 divisions – Private and Commercials property management. 

Management Consulting

TOUCH ATLANTIC Management Consulting Limited is established with the aim of providing topnotch and affordable privacy and data protection services to our clients. Protection of sensitive data is a huge challenge for most businesses including the government across the globe. At TOUCH ATLANTIC Consult Limited, it is our duty to help you secure your sensitive data, avoid breaches, and curb the risk of encountering Data Protection Regulation fines.

Touch Atlantic Healthcare

To provide, encourage, initiate or promote facilities for the discovery, improvement or development of new methods of diagnostic, understanding and prevention and treatment of disease.


Touch Atlantic Infrastructure Partner

TouchInfra offers unprecedented options of leading technologies for all areas of hard and soft Infrastructure, as such customer are not under pressure to buy a brand or a product but to consider effectiveness and overall best fit for business and the specific environment.

Offers powerful flexible solutions and systems.

Touch Atlantic Engineering

Touch Atlantic Nig.Ltd is a corporate wholly indigenously owned Engineering company whose main service ranges between Telecommunications, Electrical, Civil / Construction Engineering and Procurement through a team of experienced Engineers, Managers, technicians and skilled workers drawn from various disciplines of engineering to form a dynamic team.


We are a family owned growth capital investor, with a globally recognised and respected brand. 

Our investment team focuses on our core consumer sectors of Real Estate& Properties, Telecoms & Media, Management Consulting & Cybersecurity, Engineering, Financial Services and Health & Wellness. 

Our Companies

Touch Atlantic Management Consulting

Touch Atlantic Healthcare

Touch Atlantic Properties

Touch Atlantic Infrastructure Partner

Touch Atlantic Engineering

Why Us?

With a strong vision to provide flexible and secure solutions that would drive business agility and long term customer success, TAG has gone into various partnerships with leading technology companies (OEMs) to bring you the revolutionary AtlanticSecure solution – the world-wide IT security solution group within our Enterprise Security Solutions & Services (ESSS) portfolio. The dream of this solution is to provide a comprehensive end to end security of your IT environment.





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Our Companies:

Management Consulting

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