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Touch Atlantic Group is a leading Management Consulting, Information Technology, Real Estate, Civil Engineering, Power, and Oil and Gas providers. Our business approach is focused on providing organizations with flexible business solutions focused on helping them accelerate their business using world-class technology and professionalism. Our focus in the real estate, management consulting, information technologies, healthcare services, infrastructure partner, and power sectors enables us to provide solutions for the corporate institution, families and individuals looking for comfortable & portable, and affordable solutions.

We are passionate about quality customer service and exceptional employee satisfaction. We believe these to be the bedrock of all successful organizations. Our success is also entrenched in our ability to understand, partner, and grow with our customers. We are legally responsible in our approach, not focused on just making sales but vested in our customers’ businesses. We view their challenges or successes as ours and help to ease their business burden. We ensure our solutions enable them to innovate, creative and adapt to meet their short- and long-term business goals.


Touch Atlantic connotes Flexibility, integrity & transparency – Our fundamental core. The Flexibility concept reflects in how we conduct our day to day business. Flexibility is significant to us because we work in a rapidly changing business sectors and we need to stay flexible to record success. Our flexibility extends to our customers and the solutions we offer. We continuously innovate to keep our customers up to date with innovation and ready for market changes. This is how we help business managers achieve strategic business objectives with confidence by connecting them to technology in IT, real estate, management consulting, information technologies, healthcare services, infrastructure partner, power sectors, and Construct & Projects. Our solutions are designed specifically to meet the organizations goals and create extraordinary results.

TAG has brought together a multi-disciplined team. Our people are passionate, flexible, technology intelligence and committed to creating competitive advantage and ensuring a versatile, reliable, and seamless adoption of technology to changing business priorities. TAG is focused on driving higher performance and employee engagement at its peak to ensure that our employees are the best professionals in their industry.


With a strong vision to provide flexible and secure solutions that would drive business agility and long term customer success, TAG has gone into various partnerships with leading technology companies (OEMs) to bring you the revolutionary AtlanticSecure solution – the world-wide IT security solution group within our Enterprise Security Solutions & Services (ESSS) portfolio. The dream of this solution is to provide a comprehensive end to end security of your IT environment. 

With our promise of flexibility, integrity & transparencies within the Touch Secure Solution, there are sub-solutions that target specific areas of an IT environment. This way, organizations can first secure their priority assets and move on to others as need be. From your security gateways to your servers, to your PCs, to your networked storage, to your mobile devices and all the way to your cloud infrastructures and your people, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible IT security across the board, that would allow your organization to peacefully focus on its core business (even with the growing security threats worldwide) knowing that TAGs first-class and ever-evolving ESSS solutions have got them covered.

The TAG TouchCloud offers complete end-to-end private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud build-out and management solutions, fully flexible and customized to support business needs and existing infrastructure to the extent possible. 

TouchCloud examines the state of an existing Infrastructure, seeking to assess the business processes, services, people, and their suitability for cloud migration. Also, business targets, challenges, and possible opportunities to determine the style, scope, strategy, and deployment methodologies best suited to the organization’s private Cloud ambition.

TouchCloud empowers the organization by eliminating the challenges of building and maintaining a highly complex cloud infrastructure by delivering robust, flexible, simple, and functional Private cloud solutions, giving businesses unprecedented agility.

A concrete foundation to enable seamless movement into the Cloud environment, thereby minimizing risks of project failure and costly reruns.

Rapid creation and deployment of IT service to fuel faster business response and growth.

Optimized infrastructure and improved efficiency leading to reduced costs and long-term ROI.

Faster time to market and improved business service availability. Unrivaled reliability, security, and business continuity possibilities.

Possible revenue generation and opportunities.

Lower TCO and predictable cost-models.

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