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Touch Atlantic Infrastructure Partner Ltd (TAIP) is a leading global, independent infrastructure investor. TAIP combines specialist industry experience and industrial best practice operational management to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. We apply our Team’s complementary skill sets and experience to actively manage our portfolio investments to improve their service quality and financial performance.

TAIP is an independent infrastructure fund manager that combines deep industry expertise with industrial best practice operational management. Our current equity fund, Global Infrastructure Partners III, makes equity investments in high quality infrastructure assets in the real estate, Properties, turkey projects, energy, and transport where we possess deep experience and strong relationships.

TAIP maintains a clear investment approach that is based on four core components: 

Well Resourced Team

TAIP has a deep team of professionals that combines industry knowledge with best-in-class financial and operational capability. This group is further complemented by a diverse group of experienced Senior Advisors.

A Focused Strategy

TAIP’s business strategy focuses its proprietary, specialist resources within its three industry sectors. Our objective is to originate investments with the potential to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors. The essential elements of this approach are as follows:

Investment profile:  focuses on larger scale investments in assets that provide essential services, have high barriers to entry and offer significant governance positions. We primarily target opportunities in OECD countries, while maintaining a global perspective and the flexibility to pursue high quality assets with the potential for attractive risk-adjusted returns in selected non-OECD countries.

Proprietary origination: TAIP’s in-depth knowledge of, and extensive relationships in, our three target industry sectors are critical to our ability to originate proprietary transactions, conduct effective and informed due diligence, structure investments and identify potential exits. This knowledge provides insights into the trends and developments that create investment opportunities and motivate potential sellers and joint venture partners. In addition, our relationships with significant industry participants, together with our track record of adding value to our portfolio companies and our ability to deploy significant amounts of capital, have made TAIP a preferred buyer and investment partner.

Prudent leverage: TAIP takes a conventional approach to leverage and ensures that our investments have appropriate risk profiles. This approach also reflects our fundamental view that investment discipline and operational value creation, rather than financial engineering, are the keys to successful infrastructure investing.

A Dedicated Operational Capability

TAIP creates value for its investors by improving the performance and service quality of its portfolio company assets. Our dedicated team of seasoned operational professionals seeks to apply advanced management processes and industrial best practice expertise to deliver these gains.

A Strict Investment Discipline

TAIP’s strategy for realizing superior returns is based on strict pricing discipline and careful selection of assets from within the infrastructure sectors we understand well. We employ a rigorous evaluation process that incorporates proven selection criteria, integrated due diligence teams and a strong focus on risk management and mitigation.

Industry Expertise

TAIP is led by its Managing Partner, Adm. Emmanuel Wilson, who has over 18 years of experience in management, real estate infrastructure investing and investment banking. The other senior members of the TAIP team have an average of over 15 years of broad, complementary experience in investment banking, investing and operations in our three sectors of concentration – project management, transport, and IT/ cybersecurity. This group’s deep experience base offers important advantages in key business development areas. For example, TAIP has demonstrated a proprietary investment origination capability, which has been driven by our extensive global industry sector relationships.

Investment Professionals

Senior members of the GIP investment team have an average of over two decades of hands-on experience in our targeted sectors. The investment team utilizes its extensive industry knowledge and network of relationships to identify and evaluate investment opportunities.

Operating Professionals

TAIP’s Operating Partners, Principals and Portfolio Company CEOs and COOs apply advanced industrial management techniques to improve performance of our funds’ underlying assets. Many members of the team are former business or functional leaders from leading industrial corporations. These professionals bring a wealth of expertise and industrial best practices to TAIP’s portfolio companies, helping to drive operational improvements in key areas of value creation.

Senior Advisors

TAIP is supported by a Senior Advisory Board, whose members work exclusively with TAIP on infrastructure investing activities. These Advisors are leaders from TAIP’s target industries who provide advice in such areas as investment opportunities, industry dynamics, regulatory policy, and risk & compliance management.

TAIP’s industry expertise and skill sets include rigorous due diligence, operational evaluations, and independent, comprehensive risk reviews. These disciplines span all three industry sectors and are important factors in differentiating TAIP from other infrastructure investors.

Operational Capability

Key Focus on Operational Improvements

TAIP’s operating team has specialist industry and operational experience and takes a multi-disciplinary approach to improving the efficiency and performance of our portfolio companies.

One of our key objectives is to embed improvements in portfolio companies that will endure long after our ownership ends. This is accomplished through the training and development of people throughout the organization. By focusing on the application of best practice operations and processes, we seek to build sustainable management processes resulting in increased efficiency and better service.

TAIP’s Operating Team focuses on value creation at multiple levels including:

  • Customer Service
  • Growth
  • Efficiency
  • Cash Management

These operations specialists use tools and best practices such as:

  • Cycle time reduction
  • Service span improvement
  • Capacity de-bottlenecking

Six Sigma

The application of these proven management techniques improves efficiency, performance, customer satisfaction and revenues. Additionally, this focus on operational improvements offers better protection of the assets and cash generation in economic downturns.

Over the past several years, our experience in Africa has shown that is a niche market for western companies that operate on sound corporate principles, offer reliable technical/financial advice, and develop untapped business opportunities on the continent.

We believe that we are this type of company and can provide both solutions and value creations to our investors by:

  • Taking educated/calculated risks and providing quality advice where the private sector in Africa is not willing or unable to do so alone.
  • Providing innovative solutions through the development of new investment products and services that are better suited to the African environment.
  • Sharing knowledge about the local business environment to promote successful private investment and entrepreneurship.



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End-user experience via capacity management, business application inter-dependency, application performance, and so on.

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Protection for existing investments.

Seamless integration

Reduced disruption to business and reduced downtime

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